Gerry Frenette   Magic Makers Inc.  

Family and  Corporate Entertainer


Gerry Frenette draws on many years of experience to provide professional comedy magic that people from all walks of life  will enjoy.  You'll be on the edge of your seat in suspense, or falling off it with laughter as he unleashes never-before-seen new effects.   There is always a supply of  eager volunteers from the audience to share the spot-light in a fast-paced, dynamic,  three-laughs-per minute presentation.   As a well recognized inventor who brings new creations to the international magic scene,   Gerry can also custom design and manufacture special effects for your company that are tailor-made for your event.  Call  705 436 2289 to explore the endless possibilities and book your show!




Keep your audience engaged;  deliver your message in  exciting ways; increase retention through shared fun and laughter;  make your products stand out in unusual ways; impress and entertain clients so they'll talk about your event for a long time; recognize  special achievers through being stars in the show; transform holiday celebrations into something truly magical;  make some key people from your organization magically appear (or disappear... );  or, decapitate the CEO,  throw knives at the President,   change the Manager into the opposite sex  -- anything is possible...    




Theatres,  Community Centres,  Churches, Schools,  Family Day Events, March Break,  Summer Festivals,  Libraries and more...




Special daytime programs;   dynamic evening Stage Shows,   Special Event Coverage




Increase donations for your charitable organization.   Offer a show by a world-travelled, seasoned entertainer who can  draw crowds and  create excitement.  When emotions are open, the audience is more receptive.   Together we can do more good in the community.




Make this special day even more magical.     Entertain your guests in a way that enhances the occasion,  and highlights the Bride and Groom,  involving them in a variety of ways which suit their style.




Celebrating someone's birthday,  promotion,  coming of age,  retirement,  anniversary?

In-home parties have become a popular, and more cost-effective alternative to going out, renting halls or restaurants.      Let the show come to your house!    



Give Gerry Frenette  a call to discuss your needs and book your event!     705 436 2289